Porns Favorite Redhead Justine Joli resplendent in a to-die-for corset<

In this deliciously sexy Gothic Sluts set shot at San Diego’s Comicon, Flame-haired Justine Joli shamelessly displays that she is 1) perky, 2) nerdy, 3) amazingly flexible, and 4) drop-dead gorgeous. Corset fans just may soil themselves over the magnificent green and gold Fallen Angel design my favorite redhead’s wearing in this one.

Classic Gothic Silver Screen Beauty Ariel X<

Like a vamp starlet on the silver screen Ariel X smolders in a GothicSluts set so hot that I’m surprised it doesn’t burn through the computer screen. After starting out with some classically beautiful and intensely hot poses Ariel soon turns up the heat even hotter and shows off a body that looks so smooth that I had to stop for a moment and wonder how it was possible that she didn’t slide off the slippery looking sofa that she was laying back on. The feeling soon passed as I was once again entranced by dark bewitching eyes and kissable red lips.

Batty shows off — and takes off — her fave belly dancing costume<

Curvy, pale-skinned Batty shows off her favorite belly dancing costume, an exquisite blue number with fringe, beads and, most importantly, quick-release clasps, which means it’s not long before we see those absolutely perfect breasts of hers.

Dana DeArmond Naked in the Celebrity Cemetary<

How awesome is it that as I was sitting here looking through photos and listening to the Ramones I came across this hot set on GothicSluts that early on has the lovely Dana DeArmond showing off her fit body around Johnny Ramone’s monument. How cool is it that I’m sitting here listening to the music and looking at hot pictures. Somehow I think Johnny would approve. Of course she doesn’t stay just at his monument she moves through the graveyard so that all of the stiffs can enjoy her loveliness.

ArielX Lovely in leather and even better out of it<

Ariel X flaunts her attributes quite shamelessly in this colorful outdoor Gothic Sluts set. She’s wearing this amazingly nasty getup — crotchless panties and a low cut bra, both in leather as black as this deviant hottie’s soul. She loses the leather and looks even better without it — hard to believe, I know, but true. Gorgeous as Ariel is in natural light, I hope she never gets a tan.

Gorgeous Bella Vendetta strips down to her librarian glasses<

I’ve been hearing about this hot chick Bella Vendetta, and now I understand why. Her tattoos are smokin’, she’s pierced all over, she’s got curves to die for, magenta hair, barrettes, and — most important of all — witchy librarian glasses. She’s the type of girl you might run into at the local comic book shop, but I doubt she’d look as good as she does in this sizzling backyard Gothic Sluts set, because she’d be wearing too many clothes. Here, that’s not a problem.

Gothic Azrielle Loves Her New Canopy Bed<

Canopy beds normally bring to mind thoughts of innocent little girls tucked in with their dolls for sweet dreams. Well, there’s nothing innocent at all about this canopy bed set on Gothic Sluts from the sweet and sexy Azrielle. Her lace-trimmed outfit brings to mind the Wild West where men were men and saloon girls entertained on the wild frontier. There’s something almost dark in her expression as she holds an antique looking doll to her chest making me sigh in wistful envy at what a lucky doll it is to be pressed against her lovely breasts.

Gothic Azrielle Loves Her New Canopy Bed

Hot Corset Model Morrigan Hel<

Some sets really make me wish I could reach through the screen and see if the outfit is really as soft as it looks. Morrigan Hel’s satiny red corset set on Gothic Sluts is one of those sets. It shines in the light looking soft and touchable as it encases and molds her tiny waist and ample breasts. Long stockings attach to garters at the bottom which making me wish that she needed some help to get out of her outfit because I would most certainly volunteer to be her personal dresser.
Morgan Hel

Tat Queen
Tat Queen

Rock Christina
Rock Christina