Smoking Cloves<

This set goes out to all you folk out there who love the taste of clove cigarettes. Here I just got done shooting a video and I had a craving for a clove cigarette. So i sat down in this god awful pink chair and puffed one down. I couldn’t help being goofy so I hope you don’t mind… 😉

Szandora Spooky Socks<

This Halloween week, we are just all very excited about the professional contortionist level hotness of the beautiful girls of GothicSluts. Szandora’s spooky socks feature ghosts and the word boo and the classic black and orange Halloween colors. Somehow I’m having trouble focusing on just her cute little feet and their cute little foot coverings. I think it is the ankles all the way behind her ears which is distracting me.

Szandora Spooky Sox

Skull and Lollipop Halloween Girl<

Curvy DemiGauge gets awfully cuddly and playful with her plastic Halloween skull and lollipop in this holiday-themed set for EroticBPM.

DemiGauge EroticBPM

Scar 13 and Peter Penis Pumpkin Face<

In this very special GothicSluts set by Forrest Black and Amelia G, Scar 13 carves a very naughty pumpkin. You have to see the whole set to really get the full effect. It is unbelievably sexy. Scar playfully creates her jack-o-lantern, gets pumpkin guts all over her lithe body, and demonstrates that she is very very very very flexible, in a very very very very hot way.

Scar 13 Naked Pumpkin Carving

Pink hair and heavy leather corset and ankles behind her head<

You’ll be impressed by the gorgeous heavy buckle corset from Brute Force Leather on redhaired Szandora in this GothicSluts
gallery by Amelia G and Forrest Black, but wait! There’s plenty more Szandora can do to impress you, and if the words “ankles
behind her ears” make you think dirty thoughts — trust me, you’re not alone.

Szandora Ankles Behind Ears

Stephanie Slaughter is the deathrock dame of your dreams<

You know that deathrock girl you follow around the club, never sure if you want to be her or do her? That’s Stephanie Slaughter, dangerous dame of my dreams and yours in this perfect BarelyEvil series.

Stephy Slaughter

Being Sneeky<

Have you ever been left alone in someone else’s house? Well maybe I wasn’t entirely alone, my friend was sleeping in the next room. Anyways… I always get the biggest rush when I feel like I’m about to be caught. That is why I started fingering my pussy on my friend’s carpet… Hope she doesn’t wake up

Scar strips naked in a toilet stall<

I don’t think I’ll shock you if I say I wouldn’t mind spending some time with Scar13 in a toilet stall, especially if she’s wearing the slutty kind of hot pants, black mesh and high heels she sports at the beginning of this tasty set by Jerry Bennett. But I’d like it even more if she’s down with stripping it all off and spreading like she does later in the set. What I love about Scar is she’s not afraid to get busy wherever she finds herself with the means, motive and opportunity — none of which are in short supply when you’ve got a body and a pout like our Scar.

Scar13 Bathroom

See through mesh on perfectly built Jenner<

There are two things that could make dirty deathrocker Jenner Christ even hotter: seamed stockings and a see-through top. Luckily, she’s wearing both, and not a whole lot else, in this yummy GothicSluts set.

Jenner Christ Fishnet

Burning Angel Pinky<



  • Age: 99
  • Sign: scorpi-OH!
  • Location: pittsburgh
  • Occupation: ballet teacher
  • Tattoos: Rillakuma (relax bear) on each of my wrists and an old union slogan on the back of my arm.
  • Piercings: Ear lobes 00, belly button.

Personal Profile

  • What I’m Listening To: Songs; Ohia, Joanna Newsome, The Softies, Kylessa, Cub, Life Rocks, Frank Sinatra, Envy, Anti-Product, Go Sailor, Rilo Kiley, DSB, Guitar Wolf, Gang of Four, T-Rex, Defiance OhioA good selection, indeed.
  • What I’m Reading: Jeanette Winterson, David
    Eggers, Sylvia Plath, and Adrienne Rich
  • What I’m Eating: Spicey Indian food, burritos, Chinese take out, and good home cookin’.
  • Movies I Watch Over and Over Again: An Affair to Remember, The Virgin Suicides, Lady and the Tramp, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.
  • The First Time: Is this an imperative real life situation you are obligated to remember? Because i sure dont.
  • The Worst Time: It was hours long and he never came. It was SO bored!
  • The Best Time: The times keep getting better and better. hehe
  • Hidden Talents: Air hockey and batting cages.
  • Favorite Tattoo/Piercing: Monroes and septums.
  • My Masturbation Material: Tightey whiteys.
  • I Totally Rule Because: I can bake like it’s noone’s business.
  • I Kind of Suck Because: You can’t have me.
  • I Totally Have a Crush On: Seiji from Guitar Wolf.
  • Why I’m A Burning Angel: I need some good stories to tell my grandkids!

Tat Queen
Tat Queen

Rock Christina
Rock Christina