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Morgan Layne from Cheerleaders For Sex
Busty teen cheerleader Morgan Layne takes on a huge cock

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Cali Nova from Her Freshman Year

Cali Nova from Her Freshman Year

Cali Nova, perfect name for a sexy cute tattooed girl from California. She has been in art school for a while now, but takes the occasional dick to make ends meet. Who can blame her? We wouldn’t be such distinguished purveyors of young flesh without these depraved barely legal beauties. Enough about us, Cali came in and was nice enough to tell us all about the REAL her, and we can appreciate that. We can also appreciate her taking some good dick, gagging on our main man Donny’s dong, and taking a creampie home to whomever she is fucking this weekend. Tattooed blonde blue eyed beauty, we here at HFY will be eternally grateful, well till next week at least. Check it out at Her Freshman Year

White pixie emo girl<


We first started shooting all our stunning punk, emo, goth and rock girls you see on the site now back in January and Angel Fox was the first we had the priviledge to photograph. A new year is approaching and she’s back with a brand new sensual set for all her PunkGrl fans, with her new jet black bob, blood red lipstick and as always her almost ghostly perfect skin she’s always a real treat to see up on the site, nipple pasties and all.

Rock and Roll Princess Dark Dolly<


Rock and roll princess Dark Dolly makes her return in her long awaited third PunkGrl set & Stunning rock babe Dark Dolly is a real princess in her sexy knee high socks and tiara. As you would expect our rock and roll babe was having fun in the VIP lounge before we went off somewhere slightly more private for an impromptu PunkGrl photoshoot. If you’re a member you’ll be able to see the full exclusive set and you’ll notice a cameo midway through the set by Dark Dollys friend and future PunkGrl Janine, we managed to get a very sexy set of them both that same night so make sure to come back for that one!

Alt Girl Gezebelle<


Midlands alt girl Gezebelle makes her PunkGrl debut in a sexy, short tartan skirt down at an old abandoned warehouse we stumbled upon. PunkGrl members will get to see sexy Gezebelle strip down as she shows off her ink and piercings. Alt girl Gezebelle has gorgeous greeny/blue eyes that we just can’t get enough of so make sure to stay tuned as we’ll there’ll be more from Gezi in the next few weeks.

Punk bunny girl<


Punk Grl is the home of sexy British rock babes like Punk Bunny Girl Dark Dolly

Burlesque Betty<


Punk Grl is the home of sexy British pin-up girls like British Burlesque Babe Betty

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British and tattooed redhead babe in the boxing ring from PunkGrl

Happy Spooky Valentines Day and Lupercalia<

Apparently everyone at Blue Blood Secret World Headquarters Global has ordered their flowers and hidden away their boxes of chocolate and bloody hearts. The ancient Romans celebrated Lupercalia on the Ides of February by whipping hot girls with portions of sacrificed goat. In this over-the-top GothicSluts set, Amelia G and Forrest Black shot a professional piercer, the lovely purple-tressed Natalie Addams, cutting out her own heart, gift-boxing it, and sewing up the “wound” with quite genuine play piercings. The Cadbury chocolate boxes of the mid-1800’s were made with velvet and mirrors. So what could say Happy Blue Blood-style Valentines Day like a bloody heart in a spooky ornate gift box! Blue Blood is traditional like that.

Amelia G also wrote an article about the origins of Valentines Day and Lupercalia. Amongst the fascinating factoids she unearthed about the holiday, she slipped in one of her most important Blue Blood manifesto points writing, “One of the most important messages I would like people to internalize from Blue Blood is that having purple hair or a tattoo or a pervy wardrobe in no way makes a person a second class citizen. You are entitled to the rewards of the larger society. You are entitled to the same love as anyone, whether or not your sex is a bit kinkier than average . . . There is no rule that thinking for yourself, owning your sexuality, and dressing flamboyantly equals eschewing all sentimentality and always feeling alone on Valentines Day.”

Natalie Addams Bloody Valentines Day

Scar gives herself roses and puts them in naughty places<

Maybe I would have gone to the prom if there’d been as hot a girl as Scar13 to get me into trouble there. Showing off her new short hair and an unbelievable ball gown in a special Valentine’s Day set with beautiful photography by Alan Amato, Scar gives herself some roses and does some very dirty things with them.

Tat Queen
Tat Queen

Rock Christina
Rock Christina